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Ghostbed Mattress Review

Ghostbed mattress is recommended to people who want an instant memory foam contour, with a medium-firm preference and if you hate sleeping hot. GhostBed is a great choice for customers who want some bounce in their mattress but at the same time want the advantages of a memory foam mattress. The GhostBed just feels more strongly build and doesn’t bottom out like other mattresses.

Here are some details of the layers:

  • Top Layer – It’s all about comfort and cooling. The aerated latex layer is designed to provide cooling and a nice comfort feeling.
  • Middle layer – It’s made out of 2” layer of memory foam gel which provides support, compression support, and pressure relief.
  • Bottom layer – It’s made out of 7.5” high support foam and acts as a foundation for the top and middle layers

Also here is a short video on how the layers react:


The firmness of the mattress is between Medium and Very firm, on a scale from 0-10 we will give it a 7(Where 0 is soft and 10 very firm).



Return Policy/Warranty:

You get to test the mattress for 101 nights. It has a 20 year warranty policy.


Best price

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