Best Latex Mattress – Guide:

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We live in a world of now. People want things now. The newest gadgets, the newest vehicles, the newest technology; all in a competition for time and attention. However, last I checked, we all have the same amount of time in a day. This leads to people multi-tasking. It is no longer the slow and steady that win the race. Rather, it is the ones that do not take time to relax, and never give up that succeed. More than ever, people are working while in college, or perhaps working two jobs, all while taking care of various family members at home as well. With the stress to succeed, or simply just to survive, there is one aspect of life in which we all partake: sleep. Is there any possible way that we can be less tired as individuals and be better suited for our tasks? Yes, by once again maximizing efficiency in another area: our rest.There is a difference in our society between sleep and rest. Sleep has almost been scheduled in on our agendas, becoming more of an item on our to-do list that an actual period of relaxation. Rest seems to be lost and forgotten all together. But to be better rested, what can we do to improve our sleep?

The first and foremost thing to look at would be our sleeping devices. Some people might say, “A mattress is a mattress. Why spend a lot of money on a mattress?” Well, a car is just a car, but I would rather drive a new Lamborghini than an older used Honda. Quality is important. Think for a moment about how much we control our comfort in our lives. Is it too cold? Turn on the heat. Is it too dark? Turn on a light. Are we hungry? We eat something. However, when we fall into the abyss of sleep, very few of us have the ability to control our comfort around us. That is why it is important to take a look at some of the top rated mattresses on the market.

Memory Foam Mattresses are composed of state of the art technology that will shape to the individual user, something that other mattresses do not do. Having consistent support is important for your rest cycle. When we wake up comfortable and happy, we are in a positive mood that will carry with us throughout our day and allow us to accomplish everything we need to. When quality of sleep is diminished, sleep becomes more of a coping mechanism than the vital rest we all need. But with Memory Foam Mattresses, we can wake up well-rested. The question that you really need to ask yourself at this point is: Do you want to wake up happy? We’ve listed bellow some of the best-rated memory foams mattresses:

Brand NameTypeSizePreview
Zinus 8-Inch Memory FoamQueenzinus mattress
Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory FoamQueenzinus mattress
Leesa Mattress Memory FoamQueenleesa mattress
The Eve MattressMemory FoamQueenthe eve mattress

Now let’s talk about latex mattresses, first of all, latex is said to adjust to the body of the person lying on it by absorbing your weight and distributing it equally across the surface of the mattress. This also means if you’re a late-to-bed, early-to-rise person like me, but your partner is not, you won’t wake or disturb them when you get in and out of bed. It’s elastic, giving and yielding, while at the same time being very strong and supportive. A natural latex mattress is manufactured using rubber tree, instead of using traditional ways. If you have allergies, it’s a choice that you should consider because the organic material makes them the healthiest, friendliest and most durable mattresses on the market. Both materials(memory foam and latex) absorb movement, so are ideal if you have to share the bed with a member of your family.

Latex mattresses can be natural, artificial or blended. (Hybrid or blended is a combination of natural and artificial latex.) Natural latex comes from the extract of rubber trees. Artificial latex is created by polymerizing a chemical compound that has been blended with surfactants. Artificial latex has, however, identical properties of natural latex.

The latex hybrids are right now the foremost widespread type of mattress (of any kind), getting to supply the best of bouth latex and memory foam. Hybrid simply means that there are different sorts of foam in one mattress, most frequently memory foam.The most known hybrid type of mattresses is Casper and Ghostbed.

Now, let’s talk affordability:

Memory foam mattresses can cost thousands of dollars and typically last up to a decade depending on how well you care for the mattress. Although you won’t find a latex mattress in the bargain bin down at the local mattress warehouse factory sale, up front, they can come significantly cheaper than other types of mattresses of similar quality. Casper offers one of the most affordable, quality latex mattresses(Hybrid) on the market and they are made right here in America. The best part is, these mattresses outlast nearly every other mattress on the market today meaning over time, it’s actually cheaper than any other you can find. These are some of the top quality mattresses that we suggest you take a peek.

Brand NameTypeSizePrice RangePreview
CasperHybrid LatexKing$$$
GhostBedHybrid LatexQueen $$71Z5OnLKFfL._SL1500_
Pure Green® Natural LatexQueen$$$31eRnCrQLzL
Lucid 10'LatexQueen$81No+vHUiCL._SL1500_

Pros and Cons of Latex Mattresses

There is no perfect mattress, it doesn’t matter if you buy it online or at your local dealer, it depends on your preferences so we are going to show you a list with what the majority of people perceive as good or bad.


  • Firmness – Excessive firmness is most typically reported by homeowners once they initially purchase their bed. Several mattresses are very firm within the first few weeks of use. You will get to break the mattress in a very little to reach your desired firmness
  • Heat – Best latex mattresses tend to get hot but overall they are better than a majority of memory foams and have the lowest heat complaints rate.
  • Price – When choosing a mattress, the first thing we look at it’s the price. The most expensive mattresses are made of natural latex and can lead to several thousand dollars but there are cheaper solutions such as Casper.


  • Comfort – The best thing is probably the comfort, everybody wants to have a good nap and that’s what you can expect from a latex mattress. Also, latex mattresses tend to relieve pressure points which reduce back pain and prevents lower back pain. While memory foam and other synthetic mattresses take a while to return to its original shape, latex responds instantaneously when pressure is removed. This means you’re fully supported the second you make a move.
  • Durable – Latex mattresses tend to last at least from 10 to 15 years and in some cases even a lifetime (ask your grandparents). They are very durable and also latex is biodegradable.
  • Healthy – It’s the most healthy and safe material to sleep unlike other types of mattresses that use petroleum and adhesives that release toxins while aging.

Search does not end here, we are going to decide next what kind of pillows should you get, a body pillow, a miracle bamboo pillow?