About Us

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Welcome to Tender Mattress – where it’s our goal to help you achieve the best possible night’s sleep to win at your waking life.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a mattress that is comfortable without taxing your wallet, or you’re in need of a specialized therapeutic sleeping solution, our experts (or rather, sleep enthusiasts) will make the job simple for you by providing detailed, candid and helpful information about everything related to sleep and sleep products in the form of regularly updated guides, posts and articles.

Here’s a short breakdown of how we will help you:

  • Ways and means to get the most relaxing sleep: Capitalism has us all chasing the American Dream, and our rest is one of the first victims to be left by the wayside as we strive for a better life. You’d be surprised to know then, that, there are plenty of ways to maintain and enhance your sleep quality without breaking from the Greenback Boogie!

That is exactly what a segment of our writers are dedicated to: finding and verifying easy to implement tips and tricks for sleeping healthy and happy, and then sharing them with our readers on a regular basis.

  • Your online bedding purchase advisor: The bedding gear you use i.e. mattresses, sheets, pillows, protectors etc., plays a pivotal role in determining how well you sleep, so it is vital you make the right choice.

To help you out, we’ve done homework (and in many cases, actual hands-on testing) of top bedding products, then categorized them in ways that will help you find the most relevant product for your needs at a mere glance. Our reviews carry no bias, and rest assured, they are based on facts and research to the best of our expertise.

Whether it is a mattress for a particular health condition you need e.g. arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia etc., or a simple replacement / upgrade for your current bed, Tender Mattress has you covered with our choice selection of organic, polyfoam, memory foam and spring products.

  • Traditional sleep remedies to enhance your sleep: Some of our researchers are into the alternative medicine scene, if that’s your thing – they contribute regularly in the form of posts detailing well tested herbal sleep treatments such as lavender and chamomile tea.

Our team of writers and researchers doesn’t limit itself to the broad categories defined above – if there’s anything under the sun that helps you get better sleep, and it makes it to our knowledge, be certain that you’ll hear of it after we’ve given it a go.

All the information on our website is kept current to correspond to the latest developments in sleep technology and medicine.