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Casper Mattress Review

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Casper mattress is something else, you don’t sink in like a memory foam mattress and also is not bouncy like a ‘trampoline’ and it’s not spongy like a latex kind of mattress, you just have to try it out to know what we mean.

At first, you will need an adjustment phase, a couple of nights of sleeping on it before you get a really good night’s sleep. It will be firmer than your old mattress and that’s why we call this an adjustment phase so your body could understand how to handle such a different and new surface.
Casper is pretty spacious, if your kid ends up in the bed during the night you won’t even feel it since the mattress is dead silent, no squeaks, cracks or goans. Just be ready to throw out your old spring mattress because you’re suddenly going to notice all the noise it makes.

Back Pain

There’s no back pain with casper, if you have chronic back pain or any sort of back pain just prepare to be amazed because it’s gone. Sure you will still have back pain when you lift something heavy but not when you sleep, casper supports your entire body no matter how you’re sleeping, on your back, stomach or side.

Return Policy

One of the most important factors in buying a mattress online it’s the return policy, here at Casper you get to test the mattress 40 days and return it if you don’t like it free of charge which is a plus in my opinion. The customer support is amazing by the way.

Free Shipping

Casper offers free shipping which makes the whole process much easier. Usually, mattress company charges you a bit for the shipping but that’s not the case here which is pretty sweet.


Well, you only get to read about the mattress so you don’t really know how it really feels which I don’t think it’s that big of a deal since the risk is minimum and u get to return it in 40 days if you don’t enjoy it.

We asked one of the customers for her review about the mattress, here it is:

When buying a new mattress, there are so many options to choose from that the process may seem overwhelming and exhausting. However, that is exactly why I would like to save you some unnecessary stress and direct you to the Casper mattress. Before deciding to purchase a Casper mattress, I spent multiple hours researching the other popular mattresses in the market. However, I was still undecided by the results and ended up trying the Casper mattress 100-night trial. Personally, I found the company’s 100-night trial and free return guarantee to be the most telling sign of an exceptional mattress. The fact that the company is confident enough to include such a bold policy illustrates their unwavering belief in their product.

During my 100 night trial, I discovered first-hand why the Casper mattress is award-winning: because of its ingenious composition that delivers unmatched comfort, flexible support, and excellent durability. By creating over 100 types of foam and testing for over 3000 hours, the mattress professionals who designed the Casper mattress ensured the best possible sleeping experience for every customer. The use of a breathable latex allows for full-body contouring while remaining comfortably cool throughout the night, which is essential if you are serious about your sleep experience. In addition to the breathability, the latex layer provides the perfect amount of sink, which promotes a supportive base of pressure-relieving memory foam. So far I have found the mattress to be perfect for naps, crashing after a long day at work, and even the occasional pillow fight!

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  • Great customer support
  • Good return policy
  • Fantastic Construction
  • Fast and Free shipping
  • No back pain
  • Pricing
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