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My Pillow Review – Classic VS Premium

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Have trouble sleeping? Want something comfortable for a better support? My Pillow has helped many people with insomnia, snoring, neck pain, restless leg syndrome, and migraines. It is a brand of bed pillow, founded by Michael J. Lindell in 2004. This pillow has been hugely advertised on various channels such as a TV infomercial and it has become very successful in the retail market. Now the internet is full of reviews of this product and a large number of people are looking forward to buying it.

Classic My Pillow

The Classic series comes in two different loft levels to adjust to your sleeping position and size. The pillow will not go flat as it is filled with patented interlocking fill. It can adjust according to your sleeping position and is machine washable and dryable too. The polyester fibers used are of the highest quality and offer perfect elasticity and buoyancy. The inside material allows good air circulation and, thus, prevents heat buildup. Thanks to the air circulation, the pillow remains dry and cool and stops moisture or mold from forming.

The My Pillow Classic series is very comfortable and affordable too. This pillow is not suitable for people who sleep on their stomach, but for people who sleep on their back or sides, this pillow is the most comfortable one. The polyester fill of this pillow has no chemical odor, so you can use it as soon as you’ve purchased it. The My Pillow Classic is available in both queen and king sizes.

My Pillow

My Pillow - Clasic


Premium My Pillow

The My Pillow Premium series comes in four different loft levels according to the level of firmness. The sizing chart is based on your T-shirt size and it helps you get the right amount of patented fill for yourself. The cover is made up of cotton and the fill material is foam, and the pillow and cover are both machine washable and dryable. This pillow has a superior neck and head alignment feature that supports the whole body. It stays cool and will never go flat due to the interlocking fill present. The pillow is ideal for back, tummy, and side sleepers and prevents soreness and stiffness of muscles. In spite of looking a bit lumpy, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable and conforms to the shape of the head very well. It is available in both queen and king size. The following are the four loft levels of My Pillow Premium:

  • Blue level: Extra firm
  • Green level: Firm
  • White level: Medium
  • Yellow level: Least firm

Classic vs. Premium series

The Classic My Pillow has only two loft levels, while the Premium one has four loft levels. The loft levels are the ones that describe the firmness of a pillow. Another difference is between the inside material; the Classic pillow is filled with polyester fibers, while the Premium one is filled with foam. Both are very comfortable and durable, but there is a difference between the prices of both. The Classic series is cheaper than the Premium one because the Premium My Pillow is more advanced than the Classic one. The Premium pillow also provides superior head and neck alignment.

About My Pillow

Michael J. Lindell had a fascination for pillows since the start. The reason for him taking an interest in pillows was because of his neck injuries. He suffered severe injuries from various incidents including a car crash and skydiving and motorcycling accidents. Lindell started experimenting with different pillows when he came up with the brand ‘My Pillow.’ Initially, he was rejected by retailers, but then he tried selling his product at malls, trade shows, and fairs. He spent a lot on advertising his brand but couldn’t succeed. He was broke and disappointed because things were slipping out of his hands.

The founder of the pillow, Lindell, says that he used to find himself extremely frustrated because of his sleep issues. He would wake up with a sore arm, his fingers would be numb, and his neck would hurt badly. He tried many different pillows and none of them worked for him. Then he decided to create the world’s most comfortable and durable pillow. Lindell and his employees trusted this product, and they decided to market it through infomercials. It was this move that made the product very successful and now, this brand earns around $10 million per month.

What is My Pillow made of?

My Pillow is filled with polyutherane foam, which is shredded into various sizes and shapes. This unique feature makes it different from other common pillows that are used in every house. The irregularly shaped foam pieces make it easier for the foam to adjust according to the body’s comfort level. Once you place your head on the pillow, the irregular foam pieces form a shape around your head and neck to make a comfortable position. The interlocking fill in the pillow adjusts and makes your sleep more relaxing, regardless of which sleeping position you are in. It helps you sleep faster by holding the comfortable position throughout the night.

Benefits of using My Pillow

My Pillow prevents head, neck, and shoulder pains that occur on waking up. Its filling supports the spinal cord and keeps the cervical nerves in correct alignment. The irregularly shaped foam pieces provide amazing support to the neck and back so that you can get a longer REM sleep. There is a built-in cooling effect that allows you to sleep uninterrupted. The pillow is also made up of materials that are 100% anti-bacterial and non-allergenic. You can also re-fluff the pillow by putting it in a dryer and it isn’t negatively affected by washing either. Apart from preventing various sleeping disorders, this pillow has proven to cure diseases such as asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia, TMJ, and migraines. The thing that makes My Pillow stand out is its ability to interlock and hold the position which you wish. You can easily adjust the pillow and make it fit for yourself without it going flat again.

Why do you need My Pillow?

According to the Center for Disease Control, a lack of sleep is a public health epidemic and around 70 million people suffer from sleeping disorders and wakefulness. These sleeping disorders lead to depression, chronic diseases, and obesity. If you spend most of the time at night in frustration and tossing and turning, you should consider the option of buying this pillow.

If you ignore your sleep issues, you’ll end up being exhausted and stressed. Using My Pillow will not only help you get rid of these sleeping issues but also keep you fresh and active throughout the day. Sleep is an important part of your daily routine, and a good night’s sleep can bring lots of positive changes to your overall health. Having a comfortable pillow is one of the most important factors to improve your sleeping pattern. The three-piece interlocking fill makes the pillow comfortable and soothing to the head, neck, and shoulders and allows you to sleep in peace.

Choosing the right My Pillow for your body

The best thing that My Pillow offers to its user is that it is available in sizes that suit your body. Everyone has a different body size and type, which affects the thickness and size of the pillow too. This pillow allows you to choose the level of thickness according to your T-shirt size. The T-shirt size is used because the space between the shoulders is utilized for determining the thickness of the pillow. You can also make a choice between the queen and king sizes according to the size of your mattress.


According to Google Trends, the demand for My Pillow has seen a sharp rise after the year 2012. The product has both positive and negative reviews, but it depends on your personal preferences. The pillow offers comfort to those who sleep restlessly and spend their night rolling here and there. It is supportive and not lumpy or hard at all. It is extremely durable and after just one wash, it looks the same as it did when you bought it. Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, recently announced that he will work in affiliation with the National Sleep Foundation and that My Pillow will be sold as the official pillow of this foundation. This is because the pillow offers amazing benefits and support to the people who are in need for it.

The bottom line is that My Pillow is not very reasonably priced, but it will surely give you a good night’s sleep. It is worth the price because it has been made using the finest materials that are both durable and comfortable. If you are facing any issues like head pain, neck stiffness, numbness in the shoulders or hands, migraines, and other sleeping disorders, then you must give this pillow a try.


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